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PreServe Services, Inc. is an approved Medicaid services
 provider in Danville, VA and is now offering Center based 
Day Support, one-on-one Non-Center based Day Support, 
and Residential services to individuals with intellectual 
and or physical disabilities.   Our trained staff works 
closely with family and case managers to encourage individuals to build skills and reach their goals.  We 
encourage strong community involvement and a 
structured learning experience in a safe, integrated, 
vocational setting. 

Our team of direct support professionals assists individuals as they learn interpersonal and social skills, daily living routines and behaviors, activity modeling and task completion, and cognitive skill building in a vocational environment in order to become as self sufficient and to live as independently as possible. 

PreServe's application process includes a thorough pre-assessment which helps us develop each individual's confidential Individual Service Plan with their case managers, families, and referring agencies.   We evaluate the individual's history, identify their particular needs and abilities, and determine appropriate benchmarks, short and medium term goals, and quality of life objectives.  

We coordinate services internally and within the larger  community.  PreServe partners with local agencies and service organizations and makes use of many of the region's diverse resources.    PreServe works hard and plays hard to build skills and reach the goals of each individual.

Please call to find out more about our Day Support 
and Residential programs or come to an open house.  
We look forward to serving you.

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Build Skills.   Reach Goals.
PreServe Services, Inc.
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PreServe is proud of its past and present affiliations with:
PreServe's past and present affiliations include:
Virginia Department of Behavioral Health & Developmental Services